We chat to Lucas Newland about American Idiot and the upcoming Focus Talent Management Auditions

Lucas Newland is a choreographer, creative director and owner of Sydney performing arts centre, Brent Street and Focus Talent Management.

Lucas Newland
Lucas Newland | Photo by Harvey House productions.

He most recently choreographed the global 5-star hit disco show, Velvet, featuring Marcia Hines, which played sold out seasons in Edinburgh, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and was most recently announced as the choreographer on the Australian debut of American Idiot at Brisbane’s QPAC in February 2017

What attracted you to working on American Idiot?

I have always been passionate about non-traditional theatre pieces. When the opportunity arose to be part of the creative team for American Idiot and to work with Craig Ilot again, I jumped at the chance. Choreographically I am inspired mainly by the character and storyline and my approach to the movement will be with maximum humility.  The piece has so much grit and honesty —  I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to sink my teeth into it.

When casting what do you look for in a performer?

Honesty, openness, skill and energy.

What else are you working on?

Currently I am creatively planning the Brent Street Graduation Showcase. For the very first time we will be streaming the showcase live on the internet. (tickets available via www.brentstreet.com.au) A few days after this show I head back into rehearsals for Velvet The Show. Velvet has been a lot of fun to work on and is heading out on an Australian tour in early 2017.

You have auditions for Focus Talent Management coming up:

What do you see as the competitive advantage Focus has when compared to other agencies?

Focus is like the cool new kid on the block. The body of work that our talent have been cast in, in the last 12 months, is a testament to the skilled work of Natalie Duarte, Focus’s head agent. Natalie has an eye for what the casting world needs and by keeping our agency small, she approaches each client with a fresh, personal management style.

What do you see as the most important aspect of the client / management relationship?

When working with talent I believe that treating each person as an individual, listening to them and then guiding is key. Everyone has their own ideas of what they want their career to look like and need specific management around their goals. Younger talent need guidance, motivation and continued mentoring from their agent to help them through the tough first few years of entering the industry. Open communication is also essential.

Focus Talent Management Open Auditions 

Natalie Duarte head agent at Focus Talent Management
Natalie Duarte head agent at Focus Talent Management | Photo by Frank Farrugia

More than just an agency, Focus Talent Management is an exclusive management company representing talent across theatre, film, television and live events.

Founded by Lucas Newland, owner of Brent Street, Australia’s leading performing arts centre, and headed up by Natalie Duarte, Focus is uniquely placed to offer continued training, guidance, audition preparation workshops and mentoring exclusively for their talent. 

With access to some of Australia’s leading performing arts coaches, they ensure their talent is ahead of the pack.

Our experienced management team come from internationally diverse backgrounds which include creative direction, artistic management, PR, events, choreography and performing. It is this range of skills, experience and current industry knowledge that empower their performers to fulfil their career goals.

Focus take pride in representing talent with honesty, whilst aiming to provide as many opportunities for them to excel and develop their profile and reputation.

For More Information on what Focus has to offer and details on how to audition visit the focustalentmanagement.com

This article was sponsored by Focus Talent Management

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