Cabaret artist Miss Cairo debuts BREASTS BECOME HER

Whilst everyone was growing potted plants and baking bread in lockdown, Miss Cairo sat on her ass and grew a new set of tits. Miss Cairo puts her breast foot forward to create her first ever solo show ‘Breasts Become Her’ with her last Melbourne show tonight on 20th October at The Meeting Room, Trades Hall and 21st – 22nd October at Geelong Arts Centre as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Inspired by the 1992 film ‘Death Becomes Her’ starring Merryl Streep and Goldie Horn, the debut show explores Miss Cairo’s relationship to her femininity since transitioning from a UK drag superstar to an Aussie cabaret trans icon. Singing a mixture of original songs and some classic belters, Miss Cairo asks ‘When do I become a Woman?’

Confident, self assured and for-the-lols delirious, the show starts with the opening song ‘I See Me’ from ‘Death Becomes Her’.

Moving on, topics covered include freeing the nipple, equal pay, allyship and sex work. The Trans Day of Remembrance Melbourne Pride Rally was recently announced for the 13th November, commemorating the trans murders which have happened all across the world.

Miss Cairo has a deep personal connection to TDOR being a trans migrant sex worker herself, and has been an advocate for sex worker rights through shows such as ‘Sex Workers Opera’ and has been a part of turning the stage show in to a film with her cast members. Breasts Becomes Her explores what it means to be a working woman in the world – from equal pay to the gay panic defence which was only removed from legislation in 2020 in South Australia.

If you like self aware iconic 80’s films with leading ladies, trans rights and reparations you will love the show and come away questioning your own relationship to who you are. Will her first ever solo show go tits up? Let’s just hope this show’s not a one-tit wonder.

Season Detail

Venue: Trades Hall, Geelong Arts Centre | Melbourne Fringe Festival
Date: 15 – 22th Oct 2022

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