Brisbane Festival gets Interactive with Launch of Dynamic Smartphone App

Brisbane Festival AppA free Brisbane Festival smartphone App for Android and Apple has been launched in preparation for Brisbane Festival 2012.

Users will not only be able to check out information on the festival’s program but will also be able to check-in with social media integration and contribute images to an online gallery.

The App is broken into five tabs: a dynamic photo tab complete with filters and exposure tools, a QR reader that can be used to sneak previews from festival venues, a feed of live posts generated from social media and galleries which will also have hotel and restaurant recommendations, the map tab with push notification functionality allowing users to search performances by position or date, and the check-in tab which feeds into Facebook and Twitter.

The App was created by Brisbane-based digital agency Big Fish to provide festival fans with a completely interactive festival experience. Download is available from the Apple Store or the Android Marketplace and it’s free!

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