AUSTRALIAN TRUE CRIME announces live virtual event

Australian True Crime: Live – In Conversation with Narelle Fraser and Ron Iddles will stream live online at 8 pm AEST on Saturday 16 May.

Early bird tickets (strictly limited) start at $14.90 and go on sale to the general public on Wednesday 6 May at 12 noon AEST from

TEG Dainty is excited to announce that Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb will bring their hugely successful podcast Australian True Crime to the stage this May for a special live-streamed virtual event. Joining them will be fan-favourites Ron Iddles and Narelle Fraser. The top detectives will—for the very first time—come together to discuss some of the most notorious and interesting cases that they investigated in their decades on the job

Australian True Crime: Live is a professionally produced show that will see Meshel Laurie, Emily Webb and Narelle Fraser broadcast from live on stage, with Ron Iddles joining via video link.

Long-time Australian True Crime listeners will be ecstatic to see Ron and Narelle unite for what is sure to be a gripping and thought-provoking evening. The inimitable duo will revisit and discuss stories and experiences from their involvement in some of the biggest cases in recent history, giving fans an extraordinary insight into some of Australia’s most notorious crimes. At the end of the show, viewers will get the opportunity to ask their burning questions.

Complete with exclusive content, never-before-heard accounts, and industry luminaries; Australian True Crime: Live is the perfect night in for lovers of true-crime, gripping stories, and captivating conversations.

Australian True Crime brings the genre we love to live, with nerdy deep dives into infamous crimes and cases led by comedian and media personality, Meshel Laurie, and journalist and true crime writer Emily Webb. The formidable duo go beyond the headlines, delving deep and exploring some of the darkest corners of human nature to give a voice to people affected by violent crime.

Fans can’t get enough of their enthralling content.  A permanent fixture at the top of the charts, their hit podcast has built to an impressive monthly listenership of 1.4 million.

Ron Iddles (The Good Cop) is widely known as Australia’s greatest detective. In a career spanning some 320 murder investigations, he and his team solved nearly all of them—with a remarkable 99% conviction rate. Ron has been involved in some of Victoria’s most high-profile cases, including the murders of Elisabeth Membrey, Bonnie Clark, Jane Thurgood-Dove, Erwin Kastenberger, and the infamous Melbourne gangland killings.  Described by his colleagues as brilliant, compassionate, and utterly incorruptible, Iddles got the nickname ‘The Great Man’ for his dogged but respectful approach to the job.

When people ask me ‘what’s a murderer look like?’ I say, ‘He looks like you or I’, says Ron.

Narelle Fraser has a reputation as a dedicated, meticulous and passionate investigator.  A member of Victoria Police for 27 years, with 15 spent in the Rape and Homicide Squads and Missing Persons Unit, Narelle has accumulated a wealth of knowledge as well as stories that both shock and amaze.  She has worked on high profile investigations including Anna & Gracie Sharpe (by ‘Mornington Monster’ John Sharpe), Margaret & Paul Wales-King (the Society Murders), Maria Korp (the body in the boot case), the 2002 Bali Bombings, horrific infanticide investigations, Geoff Clarke (the then ATSIC Commissioner), The Ascot Vale Rapist and many more.

Narelle gives a fascinating and often humorous insight into the daily life of a Police Officer from a female perspective and takes you inside a world you will find hard to believe at times.  Narelle recants stories which will make you laugh, cry and shake your head in disbelief and amazement.

The current global health pandemic has required nimbleness from the live entertainment industry.  Promoters and creators around the globe have been getting creative in their efforts to pivot and find new ways to cater to an audience that desperately craves the vibrant mix of entertainment, escapism and connectedness that traditional live events typically provide.

Through professionally produced virtual live-streamed events, TEG Dainty can continue to give fans access to their favourite creators’ touring content.  The mode enables simulation of the in-person experience—complete with talent live on stage, exclusive content, curated discussion, compelling vision, interactivity, and professional production—all from the comfort of their loungeroom.

Just as importantly, events like this help to keep the wheels of the industry turning by providing work for contractors, artist teams and promoter staff.

It is no secret that COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the live touring industry.  With all touring on indefinite hiatus, promoters and creators alike have been forced to pivot and find new and exciting ways to deliver fans a live experience in their loungerooms.  We have worked hard developing a different approach to live-streaming; an approach that combines high production value and unique interactive experiences. – Brad Drummond, TEG Dainty promoter

General public tickets on sale from Wednesday 6 May, 12pm AEST from

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