Australian Theatre Live offers opportunity to keep arts alive


With COVID throwing thousands of artists and performers into unemployment, ATLive has created an opportunity for arts-lovers to become Executive Producers of their next play, to be filmed and distributed across the country.

Sounds like a dream come true? Here’s why ATLive is giving away such a distinguished credit, (for a small fee):

Grant Dodwell, Australian Theatre Live Creative Director:

We want to continue to share stories that encourage acceptance, tolerance and inclusivity in live theatre. It’s why we get out of bed every day, to keep theatre alive.

With your help we can share the thrill of live performance with everyone everywhere, even in lockdown. And in the process, help to archive these stories for future generations to enjoy.

The next play ATLive has its lens on is the critically acclaimed independent production, ‘Norm and Ahmed’, presented by the Alex Buzo Company and featuring Laurence Coy and William Koutsoukis.

53 years since its first premiere in Melbourne, Buzo’s tense two hander confronts issues of racism, xenophobia, cultural difference and assimilation in a country that has perhaps changed little, perhaps a lot.

Grant Dodwell, Australian Theatre Live Creative Director:

We believe that the themes present in ‘Norm and Ahmed’ are still so relevant to audiences today. It’s a play we’re eager to capture so we can ensure it’s available ‘On Demand’ for audiences at home and around the world.

‘Norm and Ahmed’ has also been a HSC Drama text for over a decade, further recognising its important place in our Australian theatrical canon. Despite this, most Australians will never have the opportunity to experience the story as Alex Buzo intended – on the stage, which is why ATLive want to film it. But they need your help.

ATLive currently have a crowdfunding campaign to film the production live on stage, edit and distribute it country wide. One of the rewards for contributing to the campaign is to receive the honourable title of Executive Producer. That comes with a price of $1,000. For those on a smaller budget, the project can still be greenlit with donors receiving other rewards like a “Thank You” credit, a link to the digital production or an exclusive invitation to the premiere screening in Sydney.

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