Australian musical AN ENTIRELY ORDINARY TOWN set for New York Workshop

Nothing Ordinary About Australian Musical “An Entirely Ordinary Town” set to charm Global Audiences

An Entirely Ordinary Town” is a heartbreaking and hilarious culmination of Aussie writers, Alex Giles (Switch Witchetty – Edinburgh & Adelaide Fringe, Home and Away) and David Russell (Big Fish – Hayes Theatre Co), alongside New York-based Australian composer, Andy Peterson (Razorhurst, Atomic, The World To Come). This dark-yet-humorous production has already made waves with successful tours in Chicago (2016), the New York International Fringe Festival (2015), an independent Sydney season (2018) and more.

Sydney Arts Guide:

An Entirely Ordinary Town” will be presenting a 29hour read with their sights set on an Off- Broadway future, thanks to courageous support from their loyal following and their previous seasons where the show has been described as “Rapturously fantastic and totally entertaining.

Set in a fictional town where everyone is told that you explode when you touch, and nobody falls in love, this dark comedic musical tackles what it means to love, particularly in a digital and post- covid world, told through a comedic lens, and with music that promises to tickle your heart strings, and pull at your funny bone.

Directed by the acclaimed New York theatre director, Will Nunziata, the stellar cast stars Troy Iwata
(Broadway’s Be More Chill and The Lightning Thief), Gabriella Joy (The Color Purple), Klea Blackhurst, Mauricio Martinez, Tyler Joseph Ellis, Lauren Robinson, Todd Buonopane, Maya Lagerstam, and Ari Axelrod – all distinguished veterans of the Broadway stage.

The show returns to New York for the workshop presentation

Season Details

Venue: Ripley-Grier Studios| New York City
Date: 28 Sept 2023

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One thought on “Australian musical AN ENTIRELY ORDINARY TOWN set for New York Workshop

  • There was nothing ordinary about An Entirely Ordinary Town!
    EXTRAordinay is more like it.

    Honored to be invited to this experience.
    Privileged to witness the dawn of an exciting journey to Broadway.
    Proud of my Director-Son Will Nunziata!


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