Arts Channel changes

Australia’s leading arts and entertainment channel, Ovation, has announced that it is to become a premium stand-alone channel on Foxtel and Austar from June 1.

It will join the Foxtel satellite platform as an independent Access Seeker and will become the first non-sports channel to make use of Foxtel’s Special Access Undertaking approved by the ACCC in 2005.

It will also be the first and only general entertainment channel to be available this way.

At present, Setanta Sports is the only other stand-alone channel available on the Foxtel platform.

Ovation has also reached a commercial arrangement with Austar, which will see Ovation added to Austar’s lineup as a stand-alone channel available to any customer who takes Austar’s Starter Pack.

Late last year Foxtel and Austar announced that they were not renewing previous agreements with Ovation and that the channel would be removed from existing packages on March 31.

Ovation received overwhelming support from its viewers, asking that Ovation stay on air. When the channel recommences in June, it will offer its arts-loving audience a raft of new and advertisement-free programmes specifically picked for its discerning viewers, as well as fantastic special offers, discounts to concerts, events, DVDs and more.

Existing Foxtel customers will be able to subscribe to Ovation directly, by calling 1300 682 846.

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