Ange Lavoipierre in ZEALOT

Comedian & ABC podcast host Ange Lavoipierre is bringing her new comedy hour to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2020.

Zealot is a demented excavation of all the ways God is explained to us.

From Santa-based existentialism to Bible camp, and a latter-day detour into Tarot, one-time true believer Ange Lavoipierre charts the course from 10-year-old evangelist to fully-fledged heathen.

Most of the ways God was explained to her have only inspired yet more questions. Does Santa believe in himself? Whom amongst us will go to heaven? Was God the original herpes carrier? And is the blue Google Maps dot sentient? Zealot has answers in the form of tall stories and absurd characters, and will give you plenty to believe in.

Zealot is Ange’s second hour of comedy, following the success of her debut, Final Form, which won a Best Comedy Weekly Award at last year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival, before going on to sell-out shows at Sydney, Melbourne and Edinburgh Fringe.

Ange is also the co-creator, writer and co-star of the original comedy web series Impostors, alongside Jane Watt. Set in a universe that straddles both the surreal and the relatable, Impostors explores the visceral strangeness of contemporary life. Season 2 is out now.

Ange is also the cello accompanist for acclaimed improv outfit Bear Pack (Steen Raskopoulos & Carlo Ritchie).

WINNER Best Comedy Weekly Award, Adelaide Fringe 2019

★★★★ “Mindmeltingshit”–TheSkinny

★★★★ “Honest, dark and wild” – The Adelaide Advertiser

★★★★ “A powerhouse of a performer” – Plays To See

Twitter: @angelavoipierre Instagram: @angelavoipierre Facebook: Ange Lavoipierre

Globe Alley (formerly Belleville), 1 Globe Alley, Melbourne VIC 3000
Monday 30 Mar (Preview), Tuesday 31 Mar – Sat Apr 18 (No show Sundays & Easter Monday, 13 Apr) 8:30pm

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Peter J Snee

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