ACOCO’s announces cancellation of THE ENCHANTED PIG – Melbourne Season

Australian Contemporary Opera Co (ACOCo) is saddened to announce the forced cancellation of their Melbourne season of The Enchanted Pig, scheduled to open at The Athenaeum Theatre, 29 July 2021.

The award winning company has taken the incredibly difficult decision to cancel due to the uncertainly around on-going COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in Victoria, coupled with the suspension of the Australia/ New Zealand travel bubble, announced by NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, late last week.

The on-going lockdown means the company has been unable to bump into the theatre for stage rehearsals.

ACOCo Artistic Director, Linda Thompson Says:

Our cast and crew have been working tirelessly, but COVID has beaten us to centre stage this time.

We know any return to indoor performances will require a reduced audience capacity, which makes things financially difficult. And the fact that our two NZ artists need to return home within seven days, has sadly sealed our fate.

Although a frustrating and deeply disappointing situation for ACOCo artists, musicians and crew,
Thompson remains positive.

I believe no artistic work is ever wasted. For established and emerging artists, the response from a live audience is the ultimate motivation, but the process is valuable in its own right. The audience-eventually – benefits from any work done by artists and creative practitioners in preparation and practice of their craft. We thank our donors and supporters, who through their generosity, recognize and enable that.

In the short term, the company is turning their attention to The Enchanted Pig – The Film, for release later this year. And fingers remained tightly crossed for ACOCo’s Yarra Valley Opera Festival in October this year.

Ticket holders for ACOCo’s season of The Enchanted Pig will be contacted by TICKETEK with an offer to refund.

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