‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ Musical Set for West End Debut

The musical adaptation of ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ is set to make its West End debut this autumn. Following a successful run at the Southwark Playhouse, the production will move to the Ambassadors Theatre in London for a five-month engagement from October 2024 to February 2025. Tickets for the show are now on sale.

Director Jethro Compton commented on the move, stating, ‘This show has been on an incredible journey over the last seven years, and the journey is just beginning.’ He described the initial version as a small-scale production that, thanks to audience support, has grown into a show suitable for the West End.

The musical, inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story and the 2008 film featuring Brad Pitt, tells the story of a man who ages in reverse. Compton, along with Darren Clark, who wrote the book and lyrics, opted to set the musical in a fishing harbor on the north coast of Cornwall instead of Baltimore, where the original story was located.

Promising a poignant experience, the show encourages audiences to ‘make every second count.’ The Ambassadors Theatre, located near Covent Garden and Leicester Square tube stations, will host performances from Monday to Saturday, starting on Thursday, October 10, 2024, and running through Saturday, February 15, 2025.

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