Stranger Things Prequel Play Eyes Broadway Debut in 2025

Just three months out from its London premiere, ‘Stranger Things: The First Shadow’, the stage play that dives deep into the backstory of the beloved Netflix series, is already eyeing a spot on Broadway. Word on the street (and by street, I mean Broadway World) is that casting calls have been sent out for its New York City stint, aiming for a grand opening in 2025.

Directed by the seasoned Stephen Daldry, who also helmed the London production, the play has been turning heads and winning hearts, possibly even outshining the recent seasons of the Netflix juggernaut. Penned by Kate Trefry with a nod to an original tale by the Duffer brothers, ‘The First Shadow’ throws us back to 1959 Hawkins, Indiana. It’s a trip down memory lane with younger versions of our favorite characters like Jim Hopper, Joyce Maldonado, and the notorious Henry Creel, to name a few.

Louis McCartney, who’s been slaying the role of Henry Creel on stage, spilled some tea in a chat with Deadline. “Hitting Broadway? Now that’s a thrilling chat,” McCartney shared. “I’m all in for it, but hey, what’s gonna happen will happen. There are wheels turning that are out of my hands. But I’m here for wherever this wild ride takes us.”

And for all you ‘Stranger Things’ addicts out there, the Duffer bros have thrown us a bone – production on the final showdown, season five, is back on track after a bit of a hiccup with strikes. Looks like we’ve got plenty more Hawkins adventures on the horizon before we have to say goodbye.

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