Riverside Studios in London is set to host the world premiere of a new play written by ChatGPT!

Get ready for a groundbreaking moment in theatre as London’s Riverside Studios prepares to host the premiere of PlayAI, an innovative theatrical project written by none other than the AI model ChatGPT, on Friday 28 April 2023. Produced by Metatheto Theatrical, this exciting experiment explores the future of the theatre industry and its relationship with artificial intelligence, going beyond simply generating the script to have the AI model suggest lighting, sound, and set design.

With three additional performances on Saturday 29 April and a panel debate following the final show, PlayAI promises to stimulate thought-provoking discussions and push the boundaries of what we expect from theatre. Directed by Matt Bond, who believes AI will only augment the work of industry professionals, and produced in collaboration with companies like Pearson Casting and Jack Maple Productions, this production is anything but a gimmick.

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