Oliver Tompsett to Take on Shakespeare in Broadway’s ‘& Juliet’

Oliver Tompsett, acclaimed for his roles on the West End, is set to portray William Shakespeare in the Broadway sensation ‘& Juliet,’ currently captivating audiences at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre. Tompsett, who originally played the bard during the show’s premiere in Manchester and later in London, will begin his Broadway stint on May 10, stepping in for Austin Scott who is on a temporary leave until June 18.

‘& Juliet’ offers a creative twist on Shakespeare’s classic tale, reimagining Juliet’s story with a contemporary soundtrack by Max Martin, featuring hits like “Since U Been Gone,” “Roar,” and “I Want It That Way.” The production explores a fictional argument between Shakespeare and his wife, Anne Hathaway, over the narrative’s direction.

The cast includes Lorna Courtney as Juliet, David Bedella as Lance, and Betsy Wolfe as Anne Hathaway, among others. The ensemble features a robust lineup including Daniel Assetta, Andrew Chappelle, and many more, providing a strong backbone to the show’s dynamic performances.

The production, directed by Luke Shepard and choreographed by Jennifer Weber, boasts a creative team of industry veterans like musical supervisor Bill Sherman, and designers in sound, costumes, and lighting ensuring a visually and aurally stunning experience.

Maya Boyd is set to take over the role of Juliet starting May 14, as the musical continues to evolve its cast and captivate Broadway audiences.

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