North American theatre forges ahead with socially distanced performances

Originally reported by CBS news, a full equity theatre in Western Massachusetts is forging ahead with social distanced enforced measures in order to continue live performances for their summer programme.

Barrington Stage Company have modified their venue by removing every second row and blocking off sections of seats within each remaining row to adhere to strict social distance requirements.

CBS news interviewed the venues artistic directors Julianne Boyd who said the following:

These two seats are available, they’re in red – definitely more than six feet between this row and this row.

We’ve started with 520 seats and we’ll be taking out every other row, so that the seats that will be for sale are 163 seats.

The venue has implemented a number of measures to ensure the safety of audience and cast including extending the distance of the stage edge to keep actors further away from the audience.

The venue will implement mandatory temperature checks, hand sanitisation and the compulsory wearing of masks for each patron entering the venue.

The first production scheduled for the programme includes a one man show, with a minimal set and one costume and the need for no backstage crew.

In the interview Boyd confirms the production will not make a profit.

Credit: Original story produced by Reid Orvedahl

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