Kristin Chenoweth Gears Up for Pre-Broadway Run of ‘The Queen of Versailles’

Broadway darling Kristin Chenoweth is set to dazzle audiences once again in what’s shaping up to be another standout performance. The Tony-award-winning actress, fresh from her September nuptials to musician Josh Bryant, is not just taking the lead in the upcoming musical ‘The Queen Of Versailles’ but also stepping into the role of producer.

Drawing inspiration from the 2012 documentary with the same title, the musical delves into the lives of socialite Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Siegel, her husband David Siegel, dubbed the ‘Time Share King,’ and their ambitious yet unfinished endeavor to erect the largest private residence in the United States. The project hit a snag following damage from a hurricane in 2022, underscoring the theme that the American Dream is a work in progress. ‘The American Dream is still under construction,’ Chenoweth teased on social media, sparking anticipation among her followers.

The narrative backbone of ‘The Queen of Versailles’ is crafted by award-winning playwright Lindsey Farrentino, with musical scores and lyrics by the legendary Stephen Schwartz, the genius behind ‘Wicked.’ It was Schwartz’s magical touch that helped Chenoweth land a Tony nomination for her iconic portrayal of Glinda back in 2004. The cast also includes the venerable Murray Abraham, adding a layer of gravitas to the production.

The announcement has already sent waves of excitement through the entertainment industry, with Cynthia Erivo, Chenoweth’s successor in the role of Elphaba for the ‘Wicked’ film adaptation, leading the cheers. Social media influencer Perez Hilton and actress Melody Biutiu, who is also part of the ‘The Queen of Versailles’ cast, expressed their eagerness, hinting at the high level of anticipation surrounding the musical’s debut.

‘The Queen of Versailles’ is slated for a five-week stint at Boston’s Emerson Colonial Theatre, starting July 16 and wrapping up on August 18. Amidst her busy schedule, Chenoweth is also involved in a new holiday movie, ‘Our Little Secret,’ starring alongside Lindsay Lohan and Ian Harding, though Netflix has yet to drop a release date for this romantic comedy.

Kristin Chenoweth’s return to the stage is not just a testament to her enduring talent but also a beacon for Broadway enthusiasts looking for their next theatrical obsession. With an all-star team behind it, ‘The Queen of Versailles’ is poised to be the talk of the town this summer in Boston.

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