Jeremy Strong Tackles Climate Crisis in Ibsen’s Revival

New York, NY – In an ambitious return to the stage, Jeremy Strong, renowned for his role as Kendall Roy in the hit series Succession, is set to star in a Broadway revival of Henrik Ibsen’s classic, An Enemy of the People. This adaptation, reimagined by playwright Amy Herzog, is opening on March 18 and promises to hold a mirror up to contemporary society’s pressing issues, particularly the climate crisis.

The play, which originally premiered in 1882, follows Dr. Thomas Stockmann, who discovers environmental hazards in his town’s water supply and faces fierce opposition when he tries to expose them. Strong’s interest in the role was sparked by the unsettling parallels between Ibsen’s narrative and today’s climate change challenges.

After wrapping up Succession and planning to take a break, Strong was drawn back to the stage by the play’s relevance to current environmental debates. “The connection between Ibsen’s story and the ongoing climate crisis is undeniable,” said Strong, emphasizing the importance of addressing such urgent issues through powerful storytelling.

Directed by Sam Gold, a longtime collaborator of Strong, and adapted by Herzog, who has a history of revitalizing classic plays for modern audiences, this production of An Enemy of the People aims to explore the complexities of truth in a polarized society. The creative team’s shared history and vision have brought a unique depth to the project, promising a fresh and insightful take on Ibsen’s work.

The decision to proceed with this adaptation came about serendipitously when Gold, exploring a collection of Ibsen’s works, identified the striking relevance of An Enemy of the People to today’s societal issues and immediately thought of Strong for the lead role. This led to a rapid assembly of the production team, leveraging their shared connections and history to bring this project to life.

An Enemy of the People is not just a reflection on environmental issues but also a nuanced exploration of the human condition, highlighting the challenges faced by those who dare to speak the truth. The adaptation by Herzog is particularly noted for its balanced portrayal of characters, ensuring that the narrative remains complex and thought-provoking.

The production is set to take place at Circle in the Square Theatre, known for its intimate setting that allows for a unique engagement with the audience. This setup is expected to enhance the play’s exploration of competing perspectives, adding to the immersive experience of the performance.

As Strong prepares to embody Dr. Stockmann, his commitment to delving deep into complex characters is evident. His approach to acting, characterized by intense preparation and deep empathy, promises to bring a compelling portrayal to the Broadway stage.

This revival of An Enemy of the People is timely, offering a poignant commentary on the challenges of confronting truth in a world often resistant to inconvenient realities. With a powerful team behind the production and a lead actor passionate about the play’s message, audiences can expect a thought-provoking experience that resonates long after the curtain falls.

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