Jazz, Love and Scandal: The Great Gatsby Returns to Stage!

Following F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel “The Great Gatsby”, London’s longest running immersive production is all set and ready to take its audience down the glitz, glamour and drama of the roaring 20s.

Opening at the immersive LDN from September 16th onwards, fans must hurry to get those tickets lest they miss out on a truly one-of-a-kind experience sure to break them out of the pandemic slump with a bang. Louis Hartshorn and Brian Hook shared their enthusiasm and delight on the reopening, stating that, “Gatsby is back! After a herculean effort of pathfinding for the sector throughout 2020 we are elated to be bringing one of London’s landmark productions back to the stage. We are thrilled to be reviving this production in its original, effervescent glory and incredibly grateful for the hard work and never-ending belief of our team. It is most certainly time for our audiences to enjoy the roaring twenties.”

Adapted and directed by Alexander Wright, choreographed by Holly Beasley-Garrigan, with lighting design by Rachel Sampley, costume design by Heledd Rees, design by Casey Jay and sound design by Phil Grainger, the combines the best talent to create a truly immersive and iconic experience.

Though the cast for the reopening is yet to be announced, it is worth remembering the talent that carried this production through prior to the pandemic lockdown. The elusive Jay Gatsby was played by Craig Hamilton while Lucinda Turner starred as Daisy Buchannan. Dean Graham starred as Tom, James Lawrence as Nick and Ivy Corbin played Jordan Baker. Myrtle and George were played by MJ Lee and Lucas Jones, while Rosy Rosenthal and Lucille were played by Hugh Stubbins and Aimee Barrett. Finally, Alex Wingfield starred as Joey.

It is worth mentioning, that the reopening occurs around the time of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 125thbirthday on September 24th, thus truly paying tribute to the author himself.

Considered a pioneering piece of literature during the roaring twenties, “The Great Gatsby” ties humanity, emotions, luxury and jazz into whirlwind, heady mixture of parties and scandal. Needless to say, this immersive production will truly be a reflection of this great author’s work and a welcome introduction into the new roaring twenties of the 21st century.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah is a British born Communication and Media Graduate from the University of Leeds. Sarah has written for a number of publications and has an avid interest in theatre and the arts in general.

Sarah Johnson

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