Glen Powell Takes the Stage From Big Screen Charmer to Broadway with Ryan Murphy and Diving into Twisters

Hey movie buffs and Broadway fans, get ready for some exciting news! Glen Powell, who’s been stealing hearts in the new rom-com ‘Anyone But You,’ alongside Sydney Sweeney, is cooking up something really special. This talented actor, who you might remember from ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and his role as Chad Radwell in ‘Scream Queens,’ is teaming up with Ryan Murphy for a Broadway musical. That’s right, the dynamic duo is back at it, but this time they’re swapping the screen for the stage.

In a recent chat with Vogue, Powell spilled the beans about his new venture with Murphy. He joked about doing ‘The Chad Radwell Musical,’ playing on his ‘Scream Queens’ character, which, let’s be honest, sounds hilariously awesome. Powell’s got a lot of love from fans for that role, and it seems like it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

But wait, there’s more! Powell also dished about his upcoming project ‘Twisters,’ a standalone sequel to the cult classic ‘Twister.’ He was quick to clarify that it’s not a reboot or continuation, but an entirely new story. Seems like Powell’s diving into some high-energy, weather-chasing adventures, and we’re here for it. He even shared some golden advice from none other than Tom Cruise, about making global blockbusters that resonate with audiences worldwide.

‘Twisters’ is set to be a wild ride, with screenwriter Mark L. Smith and director Lee Isaac Chung shaking things up a bit. The movie’s got an impressive cast, including Daisy Edgar-Jones, Katy O’Brian, Kiernan Shipka, and David Corenswet, and it’s all set to hit theaters on July 19, 2024.

So, whether you’re a fan of Glen Powell on the big screen or can’t wait to see him light up Broadway, there’s plenty to get excited about. Stay tuned for more updates on these projects, because something tells us they’re going to be epic!

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