‘Forbidden Broadway’ to Shine on the Very Street It Skewers After 42 Years

In an exciting twist of fate, the beloved parody show ‘Forbidden Broadway’ is set to grace the actual Broadway stage for the first time in its storied 42-year history. Known for its hilarious takes on Broadway’s biggest shows, ‘Forbidden Broadway on Broadway: Merrily We Stole a Song’ will kick off its performances at the Hayes Theater starting July 29, with an official curtain rise scheduled for August 15. This limited run will delight audiences until November 1, promising a season of laughter and light-hearted jabs at Broadway itself.

The show’s mastermind, Gerard Alessandrini, expressed his disbelief and excitement about the move to Broadway, a street that has been both the muse and the butt of the joke for ‘Forbidden Broadway’ throughout its run. ‘I’d never have believed that Forbidden Broadway would end up on the street that we love—and love to lampoon,’ Alessandrini remarked, hinting at the special blend of admiration and satire that has defined the show’s legacy.

While the full cast and creative team are yet to be announced, the anticipation for this Broadway debut is already high. The new production, ‘Forbidden Broadway on Broadway: Merrily We Stole a Song,’ promises to deliver its signature spoof treatment to a mix of new and upcoming shows like ‘The Great Gatsby,’ ‘The Notebook,’ ‘Water for Elephants,’ ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ and ‘Back to the Future.’ Not even the recent and current Stephen Sondheim revivals, such as ‘Sweeney Todd,’ ‘Into the Woods,’ ‘Company,’ and ‘Merrily We Roll Along,’ are safe from its comedic clutches. The show will also welcome weekly guest stars, adding an element of surprise and variety to its run.

Since its inception in 1982 at Palsson’s Supper Club on 72nd Street, ‘Forbidden Broadway’ has become a global phenomenon, playing in over 200 cities worldwide and giving birth to timeless parody numbers like ‘Be Depressed’ (a twist on ‘Be Our Guest’), ‘You Can’t Stop the Camp’ (based on ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’), and ‘Ladies Who Screech’ (a take on ‘Ladies Who Lunch’). In recognition of its contribution to theatre, ‘Forbidden Broadway’ and Alessandrini received Tony Honors for Excellence in Theatre in 2006.

This summer, ‘Forbidden Broadway’ is not just stealing songs but also the spotlight, right on the very avenue it has so lovingly and laughingly lampooned for over four decades. Broadway enthusiasts and fans of satire alike are in for a treat as this legendary revue finally takes its bow on Broadway.

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