David Suchet Makes Pantomime Debut in ‘Peter Pan’ at Bristol Hippodrome

The festive season in Bristol is marked by a unique theatrical event as renowned actor David Suchet makes his pantomime debut in ‘Peter Pan’ at the Bristol Hippodrome, continuing through to 31 December. This follows the recent trend of distinguished actors embracing the world of pantomime, a year after Ian McKellen’s notable return to the genre.

Suchet, a knight of the realm, famously known for his portrayal of the meticulous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, showcases a different facet of his acting prowess in this production. His performance, which includes a light-hearted sword fight, tongue twisters, and even a musical number, “Twelve Days of Shipwrecked”, highlights his versatility and theatrical charm.

The production, presented by Crossroads, takes a unique approach to the classic tale of ‘Peter Pan’. The plot, known for being secondary in pantomimes, is streamlined in this version, quickly transporting Wendy and the Darling boys to Neverland, with major plot points like Tinkerbell’s betrayal and Hook’s encounter with the crocodile unfolding rapidly. This brisk pacing may not suit those who prefer a slowly unfolding narrative, but it fits the dynamic nature of pantomime.

Andy Ford returns for his 11th Bristol Hippodrome pantomime, playing Smee with his signature West Country flair. His performance is a cornerstone of the show, providing a sense of familiarity and comfort to the audience. Ceri Dupree, as Mrs. Smee, brings a dash of glamour and humor, balancing family-friendly content with a hint of cheekiness.

A highlight of the show is the appearance of Steps icon Faye Tozer, culminating in a grand finale featuring a medley of the group’s greatest hits. Suchet, in the midst of this musical celebration, appears thoroughly enjoying the experience, embodying the joyous spirit of pantomime.

Overall, David Suchet’s pantomime debut adds a touch of star quality to the Bristol Hippodrome’s Christmas offering, ensuring a delightful experience for families during the festive season.

Photo Credit: DepositPhotos.com

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