Broadway Welcomes ‘The Notebook’ Musical with Composer Ingrid Michaelson

Broadway is set to embrace a new musical adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ beloved love story, ‘The Notebook,’ marking its premiere on February 10 at the prestigious Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. Under the direction of the esteemed Michael Greif and Schele Williams, the show anticipates its official opening on March 14, offering a fresh take on Sparks’ seminal romance novel and the acclaimed 2004 film adaptation.

‘The Notebook’ weaves the poignant tale of Allie and Noah, a couple from divergent backgrounds, bound by an enduring love that defies the challenges and separations imposed by life. This musical rendition introduces a narrative crafted by Bekah Brunstetter, complemented by the musical and lyrical contributions of acclaimed singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson, marking her Broadway composing debut.

The production features a unique casting choice, with three pairs of actors portraying Allie and Noah at different stages of their lives, capturing the depth and evolution of their relationship. The younger versions of the characters are brought to life by Jordan Tyson and John Cardoza, while Joy Woods and Ryan Vasquez embody the couple in their middle years. The portrayal is rounded off with Tony Award winner Maryann Plunkett and Dorian Harewood as the elder Allie and Noah, providing a comprehensive look at the couple’s journey together.

Joining the lead cast is a talented ensemble, including Andréa Burns, Yassmin Alers, and others, contributing to the rich narrative and emotional depth of the musical. ‘The Notebook’ not only celebrates a premiere on Broadway but also follows a successful world premiere at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater in fall 2022.

The creative team behind this production boasts notable industry talents. Scenic design is a collaborative effort between David Zinn and Brett J. Banakis, while Paloma Young brings her expertise to costume design. The production’s visual and auditory experience is further enhanced by Ben Stanton’s lighting, Nevin Steinberg’s sound design, and Mia Neal’s hair and wig design. The musical supervision, arrangements, and orchestrations involve a creative partnership between Carmel Dean, Ingrid Michaelson, and John Clancy, with Geoffrey Ko serving as the music director.

‘The Notebook’ promises Broadway audiences an immersive experience into Sparks’ narrative, celebrating love’s enduring power through innovative staging, compelling performances, and a memorable score.

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