Alicia Keys, Eddie Redmayne, and Jonathan Groff Vie for Tony Awards

Alicia Keys is eyeing a Tony Award. The “Girl on Fire” singer is expected to win big for her hit musical “Hell’s Kitchen” after a stellar performance at Broadway’s spring road conference. This annual convention attracts hundreds of out-of-town presenters who book shows nationwide, providing a crucial platform for productions vying for Tony recognition.

The conference is known for its abundance of swag, numerous lively parties, and plenty of celebrity appearances. It’s more than just a marketplace for Broadway productions; it’s also an influential gathering where about 15% of the Tony Award voters, who will decide the Best Musical on Sunday, June 16, are present. In a highly competitive year, every advantage counts.

Keys, who produced the semi-autobiographical “Hell’s Kitchen,” made a strategic move by giving road voters a 45-minute concert at Gotham Hall on Wednesday night. “It was electric,” a source said of the late-night performance, which featured the show’s nominated stars, including Maleah Joi Moon, Kecia Lewis, and Shoshana Bean. The event continued into the early hours as attendees moved to secondary locations to keep the celebration going.

Earlier in the day, Keys moderated a panel at the Hilton, interviewing book writer Kristoffer Diaz, choreographer Camille A. Brown, and director Michael Greif. “Alicia Keys won the Tony today at the conference,” a source commented on the impactful discussion.

Not to be outdone, the other Best Musical nominees also showcased their productions. “Water For Elephants,” a dark circus musical, hosted a party at the Edison Rooftop, complete with cotton candy Dumbos to capture the spirit of their show.

With fierce competition from talents like Eddie Redmayne and Jonathan Groff, the race for the Tony Awards is heating up. But with her strategic performances and engaging presence at the road conference, Alicia Keys is poised to potentially take home the coveted award.

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