‘A Beautiful Noise’ to Bid Farewell to Broadway in a Grand Finale

Broadway is set to bid farewell to one of its gems, ‘A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical,’ with its final curtain call scheduled for June 30 at the Broadhurst Theatre. By the time it closes, the musical will have graced the stage with 35 previews and an impressive 657 regular performances since its opening on December 4, 2022.

This acclaimed production delves into the illustrious career of Neil Diamond, the Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter known for timeless hits like ‘Sweet Caroline,’ ‘Cherry, Cherry,’ ‘Red Red Wine,’ and ‘I’m a Believer.’ The musical charts Diamond’s journey from a contract songwriter to a sequin-studded superstar, all set against the backdrop of the songs that catapulted him to fame.

Under the direction of Michael Mayer and penned by Anthony McCarten, ‘A Beautiful Noise’ has captivated audiences with its poignant storytelling and spectacular performances. The principal cast includes Nick Fradiani, who brings to life Neil Diamond in his early years, and Mark Jacoby, who portrays the iconic artist in his later stages. The cast also features Shirine Babb, Amber Ardolino, Jessie Fisher, Michael McCormick, and Tom Alan Robbins in pivotal roles.

The production boasts a creative team of Broadway veterans, with choreography by Steven Hoggett, scenic design by David Rockwell, costumes by Emilio Sosa, lighting by Kevin Adams, and sound design by Jessica Paz. The musical arrangements and orchestrations are masterfully handled by Bob Gaudio, Sonny Paladino, and Brian Usifer, with Paladino also serving as the music supervisor.

While ‘A Beautiful Noise’ will be leaving Broadway, its journey is far from over. Fans across the nation can look forward to its national tour, set to commence this fall in Providence, Rhode Island. This tour promises to bring the magic of Neil Diamond’s music and the story of his extraordinary life to audiences far and wide.

As ‘A Beautiful Noise’ prepares for its grand finale on Broadway, it leaves behind a legacy of storytelling and musical excellence that celebrates one of music’s most beloved figures. The production’s success on Broadway and the anticipation surrounding its national tour underscore Neil Diamond’s enduring appeal and the timeless quality of his music.

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