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Established in 2013, Q44 continually produce and stage relevant, political, and intimate pieces that may not see the main stage that often. Their upcoming play, Ron Elisha’s Donating Felix, is another brilliant addition to their catalog.

In its Australian premiere, this powerful play examines human behaviour when faced with challenging decisions. When IVF is the final option for Leah and Brad, they must deal with the repercussions of accepting a donated embryo. Discussing parenthood, privilege, and prejudice, Donating Felix is definitely a topical story in our current society.

Stephen Mahy | Photo by Michael Teo

Stephen Mahy is playing Brad for this premiere season. Proving to be one of Australia’s most versatile actors, Stephen has amassed an impressive list of theatrical credits including, but not limited to, Lord Savage in Jekyll and Hyde (Concertworks), John Kelly in The Beautiful Game (Manilla St Productions), Sky in Mamma Mia! (Australian Tour), Brad Majors in The Rocky Horror Show (GFO), and Bob Gaudio in Jersey Boys (New Theatricals).

Are you excited to be premiering this show in Australia?

This is a very exciting piece to be premiering in Australia. The topics in the show revolve around donating embryos, Child birth, relationships, social status and who potentially has ownership of things. It’s so important that these messages be told and especially in Australian where child birth and IVF are very topical. With any new work it’s exciting to be part of it but especially because it’s an Australian story.

Could you tell me a bit about your character/role in the show?

I play Brad, one of the husbands receiving the embryo. He’s a hot shot property developer who sees the word in black and white. He left at 16 and made his first million dollars by 25. Lives in Brighton and drives a Porsche Rinspeed Bedouin. He’s been with the love of his life Leah for over 10 years and is happy to live the life they have been living.

The cast of Donating Felix | Photo by Michael Teo

The focus of Donating Felix is embriyo donation and IVF birth – do you think theatre is a good platform for discussing controversial topics?

I think it’s a wonderful topic for theatre and the taboo of not being able to talk about it should be squashed. More and more people are staring to have children later in life and there are some people who will struggle with that. Many, many couples suffer greatly from not being informed properly or not taking the right steps to fall pregnant. Even when you do fall pregnant there’s no guarantees and I believe making a play about it only starts the conversation. Men and women need a platform to feel safe and loved no matter what the outcome is.

Why should audiences come and see Donating Felix?

This is a cast that’s bringing a new Australian piece to life for the first time. Q44 are producing yet again another Australian piece at the Convent in Abbotsford which is allowing locals and beyond to see new works. It’s an accessible and relatable play that brings to light a topic which we all need to know more about. There’s tears, laughter and a chance to meet the cast after the show. So please come and say hi.

Donating Felix is playing at the Abbotsford Convent from March 12 to 29.

Tickets and more information are available at

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Gabi Bergman

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