Stay safe from the Zombie Apocalypse in THE CABIN!

Part David Lynch thriller, part Friday Night drive in flick, THE CABIN! is a show like no other.

Written by kids for adults, the brand new show premieres as part of the 2019 Darebin Arts Speakeasy season.

Creator Joseph O’Farrell is a multi-art performer, producer, curator, musician, and lecturer, known for his large scale productions and installations. Joseph is a founding member of both Junkyard Theatre company and The Suitcase Royale. In 2015, Joseph was the first artist to deliver an intensive workshop for young people at the TATE Modern Museum in London. More recently, Joseph’s Those Who Rock played to a sold out audience at Melbourne’s Hamer Hall, showcasing over 400 musicians playing alongside artists such as Adalita, Vika and Linda Bull, Brian Nankervis and Ella Hooper.

Joseph O’Farrell

Joseph and Emily Tomlins have worked alongside over 200 primary school students from both Australia and the UK to create THE CABIN!, but don’t be fooled – this show is not family friendly. “Everything from the set, characters and sound has been designed by primary school students to create a gory, truly horrifying and darkly comical theatrical experience for their adult audience,” explains Joseph.

Students from primary schools in the City of Darebin in Victoria, London, Cambridge and Kingston in the UK, and organisations such as the Victorian College for the Deaf and City of Yarra also took part in the creative process, culminating in this thrillingly different piece of theatre. I had a quick chat with Joseph about what us adults can look forward to when seeing THE CABIN!

Why is it important to write theatre for kids?

Theatre, and art in general, are extremely important tools that promote connection and imagination. When I work in schools I tend to target schools that don’t have art programs. Art presents another way to think and play. I think theatre is important for kids when they can participate, be seen and be heard.

What has been the most exciting part about having a student influence on your piece?

In my new work THE CABIN! I have worked with over 300 kids to write the show. They have created everything from the sound effects, set, and the characters in collaboration with me and the team. Anything is possible! The most exciting part is when we are all in a room together dreaming up monsters that can attack the audience! My current favorite is a “Snider” (half snake, half spider)

THE CABIN! | Photo by Pia Johnson

What can audiences expect from THE CABIN!?

True Horror! This is a horror show written by kids for adults. They have thought up the scariest things to scare their older counterparts. I can’t emphasise enough how truly scary this show is going to be! There is also a character called “Rex’s Poo”

What 5 things would you pack to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse?

1. Super Nintendo
2. Fart bombs
3. Snakes Alive!
4. Sony Discman
5. Best of Bruce Springsteen cassette tape

If you could go back in time, what is one thing you’d tell your child self?

Learn guitar! I am a stereotypical drummer with absolutely no musical talent. I wish I could play a melodic instrument. I make a lot of art works with guitarists now and I am forever frustrated by not being able to talk proper guitar speak . I am pretty good at air-guitar though….oh, that and invent ZUMBA! Imagine all that sweet sweet cash!


Darebin Arts Speakeasy presents THE CABIN!

Wednesday 3rd July – Saturday 13th July at Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre

Recommended for ages 13+

For more information on THE CABIN! and the Darebin Arts Speakeasy Program, visit the Darebin Arts website.



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Gabi Bergman

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