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Six The Musical is taking the world by storm. Part pop concert and part musical, the show tells the stories of Henry VIII’s wives, and sides of the story that most are not familiar with.

Ahead of the show’s opening, I’m asking SIX questions to all SIX queens.

Today’s queen is Loren Hunter, who is playing Jane Seymour. Loren was most recently seen as Jean in the Australian Premiere of American Psycho (Hayes Theatre) and as Doreen in The Sentimental Bloke (Neglected Musicals). Other credits include Liza Minelli in The Boy From Oz (The Production Company), Evelyn May Murphy in Evie May (Hayes Theatre), Elphaba in Wicked (Free-Rain Theatre Company), Vanessa Cronin/Fran in Strictly Ballroom The Musical and Mimi in Rent (Highway Productions).

Loren Hunter

Can you tell me a bit about your history with performing?

Absolutely! I first remember singing when I was very young and it all started from there. I loved how singing made me feel. I remember the day my parents figured out I wasn’t tone deaf and thought “well we should probably send her somewhere to exert all this energy” and the rest is history. I performed all through primary school and high school, studied musical theatre at WAAPA and have been lucky enough to perform in some amazing shows and here we are. I’ve brushed over a lot in between all of that but it’s been a pretty awesome ride so far.

What excites you the most about Six?

I’m extremely excited to be a part of something as special as Six. While Henry VIII left his mark, I think I’m most excited to be a part of bringing the spirit of these women to life and giving them a chance to leave their mark and re-write history.

Do you have anything in common with your Queen?

From my research, what has resonated with me is her integrity, authenticity and honour. Jane Seymour had a lot of love to give but seemed to have a lovely balance between gentle and strong. I’d like to think we are alike in this way.

What’s one thing that people may not know about you?

I practice meditation and mindfulness first thing every morning and have done so for the past two years. It is something I’m very proud of. I think it’s because it has been an investment in my mental health and normalIsing and drawing awareness to this issue is something I’m very passionate about.

Why do you think people love Six so much?

It’s empowering. It’s inventive. It’s electric. It’s sassy. It is a show that stands alone and you can’t compare it to anything else. I think it’s a brilliant reflection of each of the women and their stories. Everyone has a voice and in SIX, their voices are heard.

What did you know about King Henry VIII and his wives before starting on Six?

I am ashamed to say I didn’t know a lot about it… but I sure know a lot more now!

Six The Musical opens at the Sydney Opera House in January, before touring to Melbourne and Adelaide.
Tickets and more information are available at

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Gabi Bergman

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