Sister Act, a musical journey of Salvation and Song

Once upon a modern stage, nestled in the heart of Pasadena, California, a tale as old as time and as fresh as the morning dew began to unfold. It was here, in 2006, that Sister Act, a musical that would soon capture the hearts of audiences around the world, first raised its curtains. Inspired by the beloved 1992 film starring Whoopi Goldberg, the musical spun a fabric woven with the threads of comedy, heart, and soul-stirring music by Alan Menken, with lyrics penned by Glenn Slater and a book by Bill and Cheri Steinkellner, enriched with touches by Douglas Carter Beane.



The story’s protagonist, Deloris Van Cartier, was a nightclub singer with dreams as high as the sky and as vivid as the neon lights under which she performed. But fate, as it often does, had other plans for her. Witness to a crime she never wanted to see, Deloris found herself under the protective wing of a witness protection program that tucked her away in the last place anyone would think to look—a convent.

Here, amid the hushed prayers and sacred silences of her new sanctuary, Deloris took on the guise of Sister Mary Clarence. It was a role she played with a mix of reluctance and comic flair, struggling against the strictures of a life so starkly different from the one she had known. The convent was quiet, too quiet for someone whose life had been a symphony of beats, crowds, and spotlight dances.

Yet, as Deloris began to lead the convent’s woefully untalented choir, something miraculous unfolded. From the discordant and timid voices of the choir nuns, a harmonious and spirited chorus emerged, transforming not just the music but the hearts of all who heard them. The choir, under Deloris’s unexpected tutelage, became a beacon of hope and joy, their voices rising in songs that filled the church and spilled into the streets, drawing the community together.

But trouble, like a shadow, followed Deloris to her refuge. Her past, in the form of her gangster ex-boyfriend and his henchmen, crept back into her life, threatening to undo the peace she had found. The climax of her story was as tense as it was comedic, with Deloris and her sister nuns banding together in a showdown that was as much about wits as it was about faith.

In the end, the message of Sister Act rang clear: within the walls of the unexpected, in the notes between the silence, lies the power to change, to uplift, and to unite. Deloris Van Cartier, once the nightclub singer, now Sister Mary Clarence, had found a new calling, one that was perhaps her truest yet. And as the curtain fell, the audience knew they had witnessed not just a performance but a transformation—both of Deloris and of themselves.

From its debut to the bright lights of the West End and the stages of Broadway, Sister Act continued to charm and inspire, its message of redemption and the transformative power of music resonating with audiences across the globe. It was more than just a musical; it was a celebration of life’s second chances and the unexpected paths that lead us to discover our true selves.

As the story of Sister Act continues to be told around the world, the upcoming Australian production is set to dazzle with its own unique flair. Featuring the vocal prowess of the immensely talented Casey Donovan, this new production has already started to generate excitement.

An extended rendition of the hit song Fabulous, Baby! sung by Casey Donovan has been released, showcasing her powerful performances that have been captivating audiences. This latest release from the producers of Sister Act promises a refreshing take on the beloved musical.

Be sure to check it out below:


This new chapter in the Sister Act saga is eagerly awaited, as it prepares to spread joy, laughter, and inspiration, continuing the legacy of this heartwarming tale.

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  • Can’t wait to see Sister Act in Sydney.
    I have been waiting for this day. I have been trying for years to get some more information on Sister Act, that Whoopie Goldberg starred in back in the 90’s.
    I have had no success.
    Only Whoopie could possibly answer my questions.
    I won’t tell you why on this platform.


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