A Quick Q and A with MICF’s Dylan Cole

Are you looking for a MICF show that caters to the children in your family? Look no further than Comedy Club for Kids! Dylan Cole of Wizard Sandwiches fills us in on the show by answering our questionnaire.


Artist name: Dylan Cole – 1/5th of Wizard Sandwiches Wizard Sandwiches

MICF show name: Comedy Club for Kids

Dates: 26 March – 10 April – we host the shows 7 – 10 April

Venue: The Famous Spiegeltent at Arts Centre Melbourne

Tickets can be purchased here.


Q.What is your show about, and how did it come into being?

A.The title explains it all really. We share hosting a silly, whacky hour of comedy with a different line-up every day, all aimed at children from ages 6 – 12. There are usually more farts jokes than you care to tell or smell.

Q. What makes MICF different from other festivals you’ve been in?

A. You can get a decent coffee at any time of the day.

Q.Who are your not-to-be-missed acts at this year’s festival?

A. Stuart Daulman, Tim Vine, Lauren Bok, Laura Davis, Ben Russell & Xavier Michelides to name just a few.

Q. What do you believe is the purpose of comedy?

A. To answer the age old question on everyone’s mind: why DID the chicken cross the road? With your continued support, we can get there.

Q. Can the reaction of your audience make or break your show?

A. The old saying “you can’t hear smiles” seems to get a lot of mileage this time of year. Which is obviously incomplete… It should be, “You can’t hear smiles, but you can hear me sobbing in the corner.”

Q. What’s the best and worst review you’ve ever received?

A. Best Review was, “If Christopher Nolan did a gritty re-boot of Monty Python, Wizard Sandwiches would be it.” – Wil Anderson.

Worst Review began with the line, “Now I must admit, I don’t like sketch comedy.”

Q. Do you have any unforgettable over-zealous fan experiences or heckles?

A. Kids make the best hecklers, they are so honest… We had a sketch where someone played a character that hurt themselves and a little 6 year old girl yelled out, “Toughen up Princess!” which killed. She got the most laughs that day.

Q. Is there an act you would love to heckle?

A. Question Time at Parliament. I really want to yell “get a haircut” to George Brandis.

Q. What would you put in a survival pack for MICF performers or audiences?

A. Someone said to me this morning – “coffee and Nurofen = breakfast of champions.” I think that sums it up.

Q. Do you have plans for your show beyond MICF?

A. NO, this show is unique to MICF, so don’t miss it!

Q. Do you prefer to write and perform under pressure, or in a relaxed environment?

A. Professionally relaxed.

Q. Do you have any stage superstitions?

A. I won’t go on stage, if there is no stage.

Maddi Ostapiw

Maddi is a performer who has been too scared to stand in the spotlight for the last few years, so she channels her need for love and appreciation into writing about the theatre instead. An energetic consumer of musical theatre, she is currently earning a degree in journalism and teaches voice in her small hometown. Maddi is normally covered in cat fur, has an opinion on everything, and in the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda, is not throwing away her shot.

Maddi Ostapiw

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