A Global Overture with Peter Gelb on The MET Opera’s Live in HD Series

As a beacon of classical music and cultural significance, the Metropolitan Opera (MET) is poised to captivate audiences worldwide with its 2023-2024 Live in HD series.

Peter Gelb | Photo by Rose Callahan

At the helm of this grand endeavor is Peter Gelb, MET’s General Manager, who shares insights into the delicate balance between tradition and innovation. Born into a family deeply entrenched in the world of classical music, Gelb’s journey led him to the helm of the Metropolitan Opera in 2006. His tenure has been marked by a commitment to pushing the boundaries of opera, making it more accessible to diverse audiences while preserving its timeless essence.

The upcoming productions promise a microcosm of diversity, embracing new and compelling works with narratives that resonate with younger, more diverse audiences. Gelb asserts that the MET is steadfast in its mission to broaden opera’s appeal while preserving the essence of timeless classics. The seamless fusion of traditional and contemporary productions has been a hallmark of the MET’s recent years, a trend that continues to define this season. Gelb articulates the organisation’s dedication to moving the art form forward while paying homage to its rich heritage. This commitment caters to both seasoned opera aficionados and newcomers, creating a tapestry of experiences that transcend generational and cultural boundaries, with upcoming productions including Florencia En El Amazonas (a MET premiere), Nabucco, Carmen, La Forza Del Destino, Roméo Et Juliette, La Rondine, and Madama Butterfly.

The Live in HD series, now in its 17th season, kicked off with the poignant production of Dead Man Walking last November. As Gelb expresses excitement about the upcoming season, he says he can’t pinpoint just one highlight. “I’m most excited about the barrier-breaking Met premieres this season, as well as some of our casting coups like the dynamic duo of soprano Nadine Sierra and tenor Benjamin Bernheim playing the star-crossed lovers in Roméo and Juliette, and today’s greatest dramatic soprano Lise Davidsen in our new production of La Forza del Destino, not to mention rising mezzo soprano Aigul Akhmetshina in our new production of Carmen. In short, there is no one favourite in a season of standouts.”

Integral to the Met Opera’s global reach is the Live in HD series, a groundbreaking initiative that extends its performances to audiences around the world. Gelb highlights the significance of this series, stating, “Our new productions increasingly rely on more sophisticated use of video and projections,” showcasing the fusion of technology and artistry.

As Gelb paints a vivid picture of the MET’s upcoming season, the Live in HD series emerges as a beacon, transcending geographical confines. In the MET’s journey towards harmony across horizons, the Live in HD series resonates as a testament to inclusivity and artistic brilliance, not only showcasing innovative technological approaches but also acts as a global gateway, introducing audiences worldwide to the transformative power of opera.

For tickets and more information about the remaining MET Opera performances, please visit the Sharmill Films website.

Header image from the upcoming MET Opera production of Carmen.

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Gabi Bergman

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