Did you know you can bet on MasterChef?! What you should know

Betting on sports has been a major part of Australian entertainment since it was legalised in 1983. By 1993, the government had eased its grip on the industry and allowed commercial sportsbooks to start operating in the country. Since 1996, when sportsbooks began to move online, the industry has expanded even more.

Sports are the leading betting market. The most popular sports to bet on are horse racing, cricket, football and Australian Football League football. People also frequently bet on tennis, golf and basketball. People who aren’t frequent bettors still enjoy getting involved in betting when there’s a major international sporting event happening, such as the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, the FIFA World Cup or the T20 World Cup.

For those of us who aren’t sports fans but who still want to participate in the betting world, online sports books have created a whole new betting market. Novelty bets are bets that can be placed on anything   with an uncertain outcome. Competition reality television shows have become a popular novelty bet market.

One of the best loved competition reality shows around the world is MasterChef. The Australian version of the show is currently in its 16th season. MasterChef betting in Australia is a hot novelty bet that you can learn more about on https://aussiebet.com.

Below we’ll provide you with everything that you need to know about novelty bets, the MasterChef phenomenon and how to bet on MasterChef.

What are novelty bets?

Novelty bets can be placed on basically anything, not just on reality television shows. Political novelty bets are incredibly popular during the election season. Political novelty bets aren’t just on who will win a race. They can also be placed on things like how long a speech will last, what colour tie a politician will wear or how close a race will be.

Some people enjoy placing long-term novelty bets on demographics or social trends. A popular one currently is on whether a country’s birthrate will go up or down over the course of the year. People can even place bets on arts seasons, such as how many weeks Wicked will run for in Melbourne, on Broadway or on the West End.

However, reality television novelty betting is one of the most amusing and popular novelty bet markets. Even if it’s a guilty pleasure, many people enjoy watching at least one reality show. Competition shows are even more addictive, as it’s easy to start caring about the contestants and rooting for your favourites. Reality show novelty bets tend to be based on who will win an individual episode or the entire series.

What is MasterChef?

MasterChef is a competition cooking show that has found a massive audience worldwide. The show was created in the early 1990s in the UK and has been running in various forms almost continuously since then. The original British version was followed by international versions in dozens of countries.

Australian MasterChef has been a huge hit and has launched several spin offs as well. MasterChef Professional, Celebrity MasterChef, Dessert Masters and MasterChef Junior have all become popular in their own right. MasterChef Australia is in its 16th season. This season the judging panel was expanded to four judges, featuring Sofia Levin, Poh Ling Yeow, Andy Allen and Jean-Christophe Novelli.

The format of the show is more varied than most reality shows, which adds to its appeal. In the opening rounds, contestants cook alone or in teams and are tasked with creating meals from surprise ingredients, in complicated menus or to create dishes that represent them. In later episodes, they recreate recipes from famous chefs, cook menus for large groups and mimic special techniques.

Fans of the show enjoy the techniques and talent on display, as well as the passion for cooking shown by the contestants. Unlike more confrontational cooking competition shows such as Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef is a calmer show. The tension comes from the cooking, and rarely from interpersonal drama. This makes it a more relaxed viewing experience.

Betting on MasterChef

Novelty bets on MasterChef can be placed on each episode or on the entire series. Most people choose to place novelty bets online because it’s easier to find online bookmakers that offer novelty bet odds.

When looking for MasterChef odds, each sportsbook has its own system. To determine if it’s available, simply use the search bar to look for MasterChef odds. Alternatively, you can look for the Novelty Bets section of the site and click through to the reality television show section of the site.

Alternative competition show novelty bets

If cooking isn’t something that interests you, don’t worry. MasterChef isn’t the only competition show that people enjoy betting on. Other popular reality competition shows to bet on are I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!, Dancing With The Stars and The Voice.

It’s also possible to bet on reality shows that aren’t competitions. Below Decks and Married At First Sight are both top reality shows that don’t have “winners” but still feature elements that viewers can bet

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