Yon and His Prism of Sexy Thoughts

The wholesome family fun of Australian comedy trio, Tripod, has entertained audiences for 17 years. Yon, one third of the trio, has evidently yearned to have his voice heard without the corrupting influence of his mates. At the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, his wish has finally come true, in the shape of his new solo show, Yon and His Prism of Sexy Thoughts.

Yon and his prism of sexy thoughtsYon, aka Simon Hall, has taken a giant leap away from the comfortable Tripodian humour, and entered a potentially perilous domain, which makes most sense to the audience when viewed through ‘a prism of sexy thoughts’. The naughty, rude and risqué overshare that is Yon and His Prism of Sexy Thoughts delicately balances comedy against some seriously complex themes: love, life, depression and abuse. Generally the balance is perfect, but Yon’s enthusiasm and zealous recounts of various sexual encounters (or thoughts) occasionally tip the scale towards uncomfortable. Thankfully the laughs far outweigh the cringes.

Without the backup of his usual gang, Yon’s voice is left extremely exposed. His voice at times seemed tired but, to be honest, the lyrics were the crucial component. There are no familiar acapella man-harmonies, so the piano, synthesizer, drum machine and guitar become Yon’s greatest asset. The talented Georgia Mooney and Nao Anzai are Yon’s musical accomplices, and even though they form a comedy trio, Yon is most definitely the star.

With no-one to hold Yon’s eccentricities at bay, Yon is finally unbridled, resulting in hilarious audience participation and engagement. He clearly has a healthy understanding of stand-up comedy, and incorporates heckles into the show. Items like I’ll Go Back on the Antidepressants If You Do were perhaps a little too close to home for some. The Karate Kid inspired number, on the other hand, was a standout.

Yon and His Prism of Sexy Thoughts, a chasm away from Tripod, is refreshingly original. The collaboration between Simon Hall and director/co-writer Fiona Scott-Norman delivers a dark, electronic, cabaret excursion into the mind of a sexed up, creepy dressing gown wearing Yon. It’s a complicated, dirty place.

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