Writing Angus

 Daniel Lammin has written and directed an entertaining play, Writing Angus.

 La MamaLa Mama Theatre, Carlton
Wednesday, 20 January, 2010
WritingAngusDaniel Lammin has written and directed an entertaining play, Writing Angus. Essentially, he covers well worn ground—love found, love lost—but he gives it a little twist and the viewer an, alternatively, intense and funny portrayal of the aftermath. Lammin’s vehicle is same, same but different:  a playwright, Andrew, emerging from a broken relationship with John attempts to purge his grief by writing about it (haven’t we all tried that one!). To his surprise his main character, Angus, who is also recovering from a break up with a John (no pun, really) comes to life to taunt, plead and remonstrate with him as the play unfolds. Four support characters—friends—weave in and out acting as triggers for changes in Angus and the action.  The set, lighting and stage action worked well and yes, the mobile phone scene has to be seen. There’s comic dialogue and usual take on the usual gay/straight, gender stereotypes, without a serious gesture in sight!  And a happy ending. On the down side the stereotypes of the supporting characters were a little too stereotypical at times and so the dialogue was banal and repetitive. The intimacy between the two lovers, Angus and John, lacks warmth and reality. Over all the acting was competent, clever in parts. There were clearly parts of the script that needed a concerted edit—the last quarter of the play, particularly, was too long and, dare I say, a tad indulgent. The idea he starts with in Writing Angus is clever and more development work may have delivered on the promise. Every writer starts somewhere and writing isn’t easy. Lammin has made a great start with his plays and he is going to be a writer to watch. The mainly young audience on the night I attended responded enthusiastically and rightly so, Writing Angus is worth seeing.
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