WAAPA’s Legally Blonde

OMG you guys! WAAPA’s mid year musical Legally Blonde is funny, hilarious and sassy.

Image - Jon Green
Image – Jon Green

Director Jason Langley’s prediction that Legally Blonde would “drag the young audience in” proved to be correct, as the foyer of the Regal Theatre was full of excited teenagers eager to take their seats on opening night of WAAPA’s mid year musical.

Leading lady Kate Thomas played Elle Woods with style, confidence and the powerful voice needed to carry such a demanding role. (With her blonde locks and killer pipes she reminded me of another successful leading lady from WAAPA. They train them well over here). Joel Granger as Emmet Forrest is utterly charming and sincere and a magical chemistry with Thomas is evident on stage throughout the show. The emotional arcs of both performers complement each other, building beautifully to the emotional ‘Legally Blonde’

Taryn Ryan as the hairdresser Paulette steals most of the show’s hilarious moments and her performance of ‘Ireland’ and ‘Bend and Snap’ had the audience in fits of laughter. Her canine co stars, Winston and Peanut, proved the old adage “never work with children and animals”, but she handled everything thrown her way with true professionalism and humour.

Chris Wilcox as Kyle, Daniel Ridolfi as Nikos and Jacob Dibb as Carlos managed to win over the audience and steal some of the loudest laughs and applause in their cameo roles, while Matilda Moran and Matthew Hyde performed their solos with powerful command and control.

WAAPA Legally Blonde
Image – Jon Green

Lisa O’Dea’s choreography is suitably bouncy and lively (an ensemble of show fit performers swinging and jumping ropes in perfect unison was a definite highlight)! The set (designed by Steve Nolan) is simple, yet impressive as is seamlessly transitions and changes around the performers, supporting the action. Lighting by Trudy Dalgleish was effective, often washing the stage in Elle’s favourite colour: pink! Costumes designed by Isabel O’Neill also included a bold splash of pink mixed with fun, and enabled the cast to complete some impressively quick costume changes on stage. As usual musical director David King, (in a apt pink tie!) leads his orchestra with a pure and pitch perfect performance.

There were a few technical issues opening night, but production did not suffer for it. If anything, the audience is able to simply watch the performers and absorb the emotion and talent on stage.

With a well deserved standing ovation at the end of the night, this group of WAAPA students once again performed a professional and entertaining production.

Grab your tickets now before it’s sold out and Elle and her crew head for bigger and better things.

Tickets available through Ticketek.

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