The Travelling Sisters

The Travelling Sisters
The Travelling Sisters. Photo supplied.

The Travelling Sisters and their motley crew of crazy characters stormed into town (literally) this month for a spin around the Bleaches (behind the scrumptious Bens Burgers in West End). It turned out to be a chaotic hour of at times inaudible fun (thanks Mother Nature for the thunderous applause).

A somewhat pared back show from the last Brisbane gig at the Padre Bar, there was no multimedia tonight, just three loony chicks with the need to let some of their supressed personalities free-roam (Ell Sachs definitely has a middle-aged, balding, caravan dwelling man living inside her!). These three adapt really well to their surrounding or lack there-of; with little room for a back-stage in the very small venue, they racked up their costume changes at stage-right. It provided entertaining intervals between acts as they hammed up their character transitions. There were recognisable acts with some new polish (they did a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival since their show) and the humour hadn’t waned. The busty Marilyn-esque character is, as always, a delightful example of skill and silliness perfectly blended.

The Travelling Sisters remind of the good old comedy variety shows, The D-Generation, The Comedy Club with a sprinkle of Red Faces in the mix. It’s a relaxed format that we need more of today. Follow the Sisters on Facebook to receive updates of their upcoming shows. You can also catch them at the Woodford Folk Festival this year. Laura Trenerry is also running a Creating Characters at Play workshop in January if you are keen to discover your inner potatoes (she does a serious sweet potato routine).

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