The Things Good Men Do

 Tap Gallery saw the Australian Premiere of the first full-length play from British playwright Dan Muirden.

 Dominie Drama in association with Come Again JnrTap Gallery
Wednesday, 28 April 2010
Tap Gallery saw the Australian Premiere of the first full-length play from British playwright Dan Muirden. The play revolves around Nick, a white middle class man who has met the girl of his dreams. When he attempts to terminate a past affair with wild Italian girl Adrianna, his delicate lifestyle begins to unravel. The relatively new play brought fresh and contemporary humour to the small stage of the Tap Gallery. The characters were believable and the script full of nuance and idiosyncrasy. Dan Muirden seems to be a playwright to watch, with his quirky take on relationships making for creative character development. For the most part it was obvious that this was an opening night performance, with several stumbles over words and lines coming in at incorrect times. Chad Richards as Nick was strong in the lead role and played well off Chris Leaney as the best friend Joe. Anna James seemed a little mis-cast as the dream girl Lucy, and her British accent caused her to drag her lines out. Despite the patronising tone this gave some of her dialogue, she gave an engaging performance. Stephanie Pick as the Italian Adrianna battled with her accent, the distracting result being closer to Puerto Rican.  Jeremy Just was strong as the friend Rich and the counsellor. Director Nicole Selby used the space well to provide good viewing angles for the audience, and creatively used the minimal set pieces (two flat bed/couches).  It would have been nice to see the cast more comfortable and natural with the dialogue, as well as some more indecision from the characters, rather than simple one dimensional objectives. The new production company that created The Things Good Men Do, ‘Come Again Jnr’, is the brainchild of three of the actors; Richards, Just and James. Having studied acting together they embarked on the project in order to create work for themselves. They must be commended on a great choice of play and an admirable start for a new company.
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