The Musical of Musicals, the Musical

The Musical of Musicals, The Musical - Harvest Rain Interns Programme.
The Musical of Musicals, The Musical – Harvest Rain Interns Programme.

The Musical Of Musicals, the Musical opened Friday night to a large and supportive crowd of Brisbane theatre lovers, as the Harvest Rain Theatre Company interns strutted their stuff at the Mina Parade Warehouse.

The interns began on stage active and warming up even before the music started for the opening number. The energy and vitality on display during the opening number set the pace for a fun and entertaining show.

Direction by Meg Ham was clever in the warehouse space provided, and choreography by George Canham was cute and effective.  (Even pianist Luke Volker was in character behind as he changed hats with each change of scene).

The only moment which dragged was the Kansas scene, which seemed more the fault of the writing rather than the performers.

There are some very energetic and fresh young performers in Brisbane, and the intern program is a fantastic initiative by Harvest Rain Theatre Company which harnesses this talent.

The performers are so well showcased – watch this space!


Rebecca Grennan

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Rebecca Grennan

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