The Illusionists 2.0

Just when you thought all the magic was gone…

The Illusionists 2.0
The Illusionists 2.0

Building on its original sell-out
season, The Illusionists 2.0 presents an ever bigger and bolder spectacular that is just mesmerising. With a new
generation of world-renowned magicians, illusionists, escapologists, conjurors, swordsmen, and tricksters, each with their own unique brand of ‘Oh WOW!’, the show is a guaranteed special event, for young and old, and even the sceptics.

This is not your garden variety, side-show alley, type of show. This is Vegas style baby, presenting high-gloss productions values with a stunning stage design, lighting and visual effects (Christopher ‘Boon’ Casey), and cutting edge technology that brings magic into the future. Audience members enter the theatre, picking up a pair of 3D glasses on the way, and for the first time in any theatre show, a ‘live’ 3D feed of some of the illusions are projected onto a massive screen above the stage, treating the audience to experience magic in an entirely new and exciting way. Adding to this, is a POV (Point-Of-View) head-camera that Adam Trent “The Futurist” wears, allowing the audience to view what the ‘technology illusionist’ sees while performing his tricks.

“The Master Magician” Luis de Matos, with a speciality in the impossible, acts as the master of ceremonies – a sort of Impresario of Magicians. With industry recognition from Hollywood’s Academy of Magical Arts as Magician of the Year, and a David Devant Award from London’s Magic Circle, the suave master magician has honed his craft to perfection from time spent doing magic on the very unforgiving medium of television. He even holds a Guinness Book of Records title for making 52,001 silk handkerchiefs disappear simultaneously.

The Illusionists 2.0“The Deceptionist” James More, with a speciality in death-defying stunts, induces more than a few gasps from the audience (with a few additional swoons from the ladies but not because of his magic tricks). First seen on Britain’s Got Talent, what he does with a bed of flaming spikes is simply jaw-dropping.

Another swoon-worthy performer is “The Warrior” Aaron Crow, who charms us without even saying a word through his entire act. With a speciality in weapon magic, Crow won first place at the “World Championships of Magic”, and fuses a special combination of weaponry, dangerous stunts, and the illusion of fear. Through his performance, Crow presents a message of empowerment; “Fear is an illusion of the mind, an imaginary boundary that prevents us from living our lives to the fullest”.

‘The Manipulator’, Yu Ho-Jim, with a speciality in card manipulation, performs with elegance and emotion, creating a mesmerising connection with the audience that literally has us in the palm of his hands. Evan Jolly did a brilliant job composing a piece to compliment this act with an equally hypnotic soundtrack.

Starting at the age of nine, Yu Ho-Jim mastered and abused his magical powers through his teenage years by swapping exam papers at school. He later harnessed those powers for good and at nineteen, Yu Ho-Jim won the first prize in Stage Magic at the FISM WCM (International Federation of Magic Societies, World Championships of Magic), and is often referred to as “the future of magic”.

“The Warrior” Aaron CrowHome grown Raymond Crowe ‘The Unusualist’, with a speciality in unusual optical illusion rounds out the team with his special brand of comedic magic and ventriloquism, adding variety and light entertainment to the show. His finale act delighted the audience with a beautifully choreographed hand shadow puppetry to Louis Armstrong’s “Wonderful World”, leaving the audience on a high note and well satisfied with the evening’s proceedings.

Director/Choreographer Neil Dorward has astutely constructed a variety show including all varieties of magic and illusion, high-risk stunts, with comedy, backup dancer/assistants, and amazing costuming to produce a world-class show that is highly entertaining, surprising, mesmerising, perplexing, and just a whole lot of fun.

Adding to the spectacular set and lighting is Evan Jolly’s original composition (recorded by the Prague Symphony Orchestra), which fuses a unique blend of electronic beats and cinematic symphony sounds to create an atmosphere that is bold, fresh, intense, and epic.

If you have never seen a ‘magic’ show in person then the world premiere of The Illusionists 2.0 really is the show to see. Given the original show sold-out before it opened, and The Illusionists 2.0 is playing a short season in The Concert Hall at QPAC till 27 January, jump on the QPAC website and get your tickets before they disappear!

Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

Bobbi-Lea is's QLD Co-ordinator, writer, reviewer, and reporter. She is also an actor, presenter, and theatre/film producer for Drama Queen Productions in Brisbane. Bobbi-Lea holds a Degree in Music Theatre as well as a Degree in Film & TV, and is currently doing her Masters in Screen Production.

Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

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