The Fellatio Monologues

 From the second Daniel Bowden cranked up his electric guitar, we knew we were in for the ride of our lives.

  Presented by: Bathroom Floor Productions and Tunks ProductionsVenue:  Revolt Theatre Melbourne Opening Night, 9th November 2011
The Fellatio MonologuesFrom the second Daniel Bowden cranked up his electric guitar, we knew we were in for the ride of our lives. Searing sounds and a thumping beat flooded the theatre with electrifying intensity. As actors were flung across the stage in office and lounge chairs, others dancing rhythmically to a pulsating beat, the crescendo peaked in a glorious climax. Welcome to the wonderful world of The Fellatio Monologues!
The Fellatio Monologues was first performed to a sell-out audience in 2007 as part of Scott Major’s double-header with Both Sides Of The Bar. This new production promises an even greater insight into the wacky world of relationships, love and sex.
Written, directed and starring Major, The Fellatio Monologues comprises an incredible line up of talented actors including Paul O’Brien, Georgia Bolton, Daniel Bowden, Samantha Kenny and Wayne Tunks. 
This production introduces four monologues written by Major and one by Tunks all delving into the mystery surrounding ‘the act’ and its penetrating role in human relationships. They include:
What’s ExpectedBrent’s BoyIf You’re Still HungryThe Final BlowHe Says, She Says
While you could be forgiven for thinking this show is essentially about penis jokes, Major’s aim in writing this piece is to address a more serious side of relationships. The bonus to this production is that it not only gives you permission to laugh out loud, but also to consider those awkward sexual issues within the relative anonymity and safety of your comfortable theatre seat.
Most interesting for me was how the audience unwittingly revealed their experiences and secrets in the moments when they laughed. In particular, one gentleman behind me gave a fascinating insight into his own life journey and sexual adventures. You could almost hear the collective audience snigger of: ‘Oh, you’ve done that too!’ However, it is when the audience reacts to the more serious moments in the characters’ confessions, that Major’s hope of a deeper message is achieved.
While this stelliferous ensemble charged their way into the audience’s hearts and consciousness, Major and Bowden need additional mention. From the second he stepped onto centre stage in the opening monologue What’s Expected Major’s energy, warmth and charm was mesmerising. He captivated and propelled the audience on a roller-coaster ride of truthful hilarity.  
Bowden’s performance was sublime. Not only did he compose and perform the music throughout the show, but rendition of his character Tony in The Final Blow was both tender and deeply moving. He continued to captivate the audience despite the at times distracting movement and whispers from the actors at the bar behind him. I personally would have preferred greater stillness at these moments of sad contemplation, but Bowden rose above it with heart-wrenching expertise.
The Fellatio Monologues is one very slick production. With seamless set changes incorporating the incredible musical interludes, the actors are deftly maneuvered onto centre stage, each in turn taking the spotlight to reveal their character’s innermost secrets. Complete with beautifully crafted lighting and sound (expertly operated by Alex Nguyen) this must-see show will send you on an orgasmic and humorous trip from the bedroom to the pool hall.   My only disappointment about this show was that it ended all too soon. As the lights came up, I instantly craved additional stories of a fellatio-nature and the struggles of the sexes to come to grips with their relationships. For what The Fellatio Monologues teaches you is that we are not alone and that in order to live and love together, we need to communicate in respectful harmony.  
The Fellatio Monologues runs for a strictly limited season so don’t miss it! Written & Directed by Scott MajorAdditional monologue written by Wayne TunksProduced by Wayne Tunks & Scott Major
Running time 55 minutes.
Revolt Theatre Melbourne12 Elizabeth Street, Kensington
The Fellatio Monologues runs from Wednesday 9th November to Saturday 19th November 2011.

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