The Birdmann in the Events of Momentous Timing

Trent Baumann as The Birdmann
Trent Baumann as The Birdmann

Inspired by vaudeville and film-noir, Trent Baumann (The Birdmann) is a delightful mix of Humphrey Bogart and The Sandman.

His tale The Birdman in the Events of Momentous Timing is the unravelling of a mysterious awakening; one black stiletto, an ironing board and some handcuffs. It is also a whole lot of hysterical, if not bizarre, fun.

Internationally acclaimed Baumann, complete with cassowary-like Mohawk and an awkwardly fitting black suit, draws on a variety of finely tuned skills such as escapology, circus trickery, burlesque and cup-cake eating (not to mention some pretty impressive miming to outdated pop songs) to produce a show of indescribable but non-stop hilarity. The audience laughed so hard and for so long that I dare say that every seat in the main theatre of the Judy was ruined.

In the hands of any other performer, The Birdmann’s unique style of avant-garde comedy might seem a little bit silly but Baumann owns every moment of his performance and pulls off every joke (the witty, the silly and the down-right dangerous) with ease. The charismatic Baumann is a natural at working an audience and keeps the crowd on a permanent lean, folded over their own sides, clasping at a stitch that just won’t abate. The saddest part of this story, apart from

The Birdmann’s inability to find true love, is that two nights is just not long enough, but he assures us that we must see other performers and he must see other audiences and since we cannot turn back time, if you do get another chance to see this fly-by-night, don’t let him pass you by; The Birdmann is a true marvel

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