Swallow portrays the hard lives of three women as they find a way to survive in a modern world. It’s a story of alienation, isolation, and loneliness.

Swallow - Metro Arts. Image supplied.
Swallow – Metro Arts. Image supplied.

The theme of the play questions identity and the challenge of how every human being struggles to cope with the complexities of life to find their inner voice.

Three strangers meet at a crossroads on the verge of self-destruction and coincidentally impact each other’s lives for the better. Anna (Elise Greig), is a very busy hermit and Rebecca (Julie Cotterell) is wallowing in the breakup blues, while Sam (Helen O’Leary), is exploring a new identity. In a contemporary society of increasing isolation, this work reminds us of the healing power of real human connection.

Penned by Olivier Award-winning writer Stef Smith and directed by Kate Shearer, Swallow is a well-crafted, poetic play with tour-de-force performances by Julie Cotterell, Elise Greig and Helen O’Leary who mesmerized the audience in an intense yet engaging and powerful one and half-hours.

Swallow - Metro Arts. Image supplied.Thumbs–up to the creative team for their fragmented and atmospheric set design and soundscape to perfectly complement the performance.

Swallow is a part of Metro Arts’ LCL Program, a platform for local artists to present contemporary theatre.

Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

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Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

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