Short & Sweet: Newtown Theatre Week Two

We check out the latest from Short & Sweet.

Short & Sweet
Newtown Theatre, Sydney

Thursday, January 14

InterventionSomewhere Over The Rainbow
Week Two got off to a shaky start with this piece from Bryan Niland. With somewhat unconvincing acting and a storyline far from strong, it simply wasn’t interesting enough. Tacky may be too strong of a word but it did nothing for me.

Catching A Falling Knife
This one was invited to participate in Short & Sweet after it was an award winner in the Short & Sweet Central Coast version. It’s a nice piece, with a fine acting performance from Greg Eccleston as Jake. Britney Dell’s Hannah is as timid yet often forceful as it was intended, and there’s certainly some good tension here.

Wayne Tunks is best known for his full-length plays but he still hits the right comedy notes with his short piece in this year’s Short & Sweet. Intervention focuses on a young boy whose family holds an intervention in an attempt to convince him that he’s not gay. There’s some great comedic elements here and some pretty good acting performances, too.

Tipping Point
Not a bad little play, with some firm acting performances from Deborah Bradshaw and Yannick Lawry. There’s some great laughs included, but a lesson is included as well, which makes it a great, complete short play.

Confessions Of A Dirt Eater
This one didn’t do anything for me, but it certainly will appeal to plenty and it’s a rather clever and unique piece.

Perfect Stillness
The age old question is asked in this play – how well do you really know your partner? A good concept here, and Ro Dempsey is excellent as Annie.

Water Task Force PD
Kind of a shorter version of Urinetown here, though much more silly. This one has a big cast and there’s a few laughs, but it doesn’t quite reach the mark.

This Is Heaven
Love is well and truly the theme of the night and this play adds to the romance. A good little piece from Singapore writer Paul Tolton.

Probably the most unique and thought out piece of the night, this play has a great premise and it’s pulled off very well.

The Proposal
Stephen Davies and Mikaela Franco star in this Matt Orchard piece that is actually one of the best of the night. If you loved someone and they didn’t love you back, is it possible to seriously change their mind? Definitely a high way to finish the night.

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Anne-Marie Peard

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