Perth Fringe: Lords of Luxury

Lords of Luxury
Lords of Luxury

Even before the show has begun a frenzied atmosphere is looming over the stifling carnival tent. Almost from start to finish, Lords of Luxury is a side-achingly hilarious fringe performance certain to leave its audience in stitches.

The Lords of Luxury comprise of Matt Saraceni, Dan Debuf, Luke Ryan and Paul Verhoeven, four tuxedo-clad comedians with an affinity for increasingly ridiculous sketches. As an ensemble they are boisterous and unrelenting, and as individuals they are much the same.

Whether clever, or stupid, or bizarre, some sketches (or moments) stood out more than others. The segmented enactment of Luke Ryan’s short story from when he was fourteen was easily the strongest part of the performance, along with Matt Saraceni’s recurring ‘magic’ act, Dan Debuf’s use of the word ‘rhubarb’, and Paul Verhoeven’s manic dancing.

The only apt way to describe this riotously funny performance is as a live gag-reel. While it might be considered unprofessional to laugh at the jokes in your own performance, the more the performers found hilarity in the show, the more engaged and uproarious the audience became. Laughter is infectious and the Lords of Luxury are no strangers to this concept.

Ad-libbing, playing off the audience, and improvisation were integral to the performance. There was an air of organised (and disorganised) mayhem. Maybe it was the smoky, hall-of-mirrors tent, or the sweltering Perth heat, but this vibe was predominantly successful.

You know a show is wildly hilarious and undeniably good fun when you find yourself quoting your favourite parts on the drive home. Lords of Luxury isn’t polished or perfect, but it is laugh-until-you-cry entertainment. It’s more than worth a second night to relive the little comedic gems amidst the chaos.

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