Perth Fringe – Bettylou Rose: The Yellow Rose of Texas

Cicely Binford Photo:  Michael McAllan
Cicely Binford
Photo: Michael McAllan

Nestled down Wolf Lane, The Cheeky Sparrow was the perfect setting for Bettylou Rose’s hour long, one-woman show.

Audience members (mainly an older crowd) were ushered upstairs, drinks in hand, as the band set the mood with Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.

When Bettylou entered a few moments later, to polite applause, she seemed a little nervous and shaky. But after the audience joined in with ‘”Deep in the Heart of Texas” she seemed to relax and things began to flow smoothly.

Growing bolder, she walked amongst the audience as she sang allowing the back few rows to get a better view. She even pulled one lucky audience member onstage to serenade them (don’t worry I won’t spoil it by telling you which song it was.)

In between swigs of tequila and your standard bad-joke banter, Bettylou delighted the increasingly more receptive audience with hit after country hit including “D-I-V-O-R-C-E”, “Ring of Fire” and a superb rendition of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”.

As Bettylou became drunker, her lips grew looser and she shared stories about how she rose to stardom in Texas, the various odd jobs she had along the way and the failed marriages that she had accumulated.

Dolly Parton’s hits were a definite influence for Bettylou as she belted out “9 to 5”, “Jolene” and “I Will Always Love You” with gusto. Unfortunately “I Will Always Love You” fell a little flat as she struggled with the higher notes of the song.

A well-deserved nod must be given to Musical Director John McPherson for the band’s flawless covering of each and every song.

Co-written by Tyler Jacob Jones and Cicely Bindford, Bettylou Rose: The Yellow Rose of Texas is a good show to see if you want to relax, have a drink and enjoy some country style cabaret.

Rated MA 15+

Jan Chandler

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