OzAsia Festival: Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker

We know that we are in for a different kind of ride, when we are asked to take our shoes off, wear flimsy disposable thongs and a plastic waterproof poncho, and check our shoes in. Mm… ok, I think. I so hope this will not be water all over the place type stuff. But it is in several parts of the show. And not sprays, not water pistols (which would’ve suited the plastic type consumables flying everywhere); no, it is literally buckets of it, chucked around at us.


And that is only a bit of the forty-five minutes of totally out there madness!

It is a frenzied fusion of loud pop music (we are given ear plugs just in case), energetic as ever dance, bouncy non-stop movement, and running around and around amongst themselves (the twenty-five strong cast) and us, jammed together in there with them and stuff, so much stuff going everywhere: glitter and tinsel and (as said) water, and hand drawn signs and dancers and people. It’s crazy chaos, big time. Ah! What is going on here?

Psychedelic projected images, umbrella sequences, masks, black suits and whatever else can be pushed at us, sees the busy non-stop design element keep us visually enthralled as the manic running of the performers keeps going on and on.

But it is hard not to like it, (or love it, I’m not too sure), for it does throw at the audience this odd kind of rapidly unfolding moment in time, that I think in many ways is a look at how throwaway everything we do, own and have is now, in this tacky disposable world of wanting it all and more.

I don’t really know the purpose of the show. And I don’t think that it’s necessary too. It’s a rapid paced piece that you just let wash over you, literally!

And the conclusion of the crazy short show – we were all dragged up on stage, which to be honest I had predicted would happen.

Go for the ride – if you dare. It’s fun – I think.

My main thought as I walked away from it, was who the hell has to clean up this mess after each show!

Stephen House

Stephen is a writer with numerous plays, exhibitions and short films produced. He has been commissioned often and directs and performs his work. He has won two AWGIE Awards from The Australian Writers Guild and an Adelaide Fringe Award (as well as more), and has received several international literature residencies. Stephen has been Artistic Director of many events. He has been performing his acclaimed solo show, “Appalling Behaviour” nationally from 2010 – 2014 (100 shows to date). Stephen has 2 new works in development.

Stephen House

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