Nailed it!

In the intimate space at The Butterfly Club, Nailed it! is cabaret about life, love, love lost and when you really aren’t “nailing it.” With lyrics by Andrew Strano and music by Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer, it’s an hilarious collection of original work.

Nailed ItNailed it! covers a range of topics from finding true love to becoming addicted to other people’s babies in song entitled “Crack Babies”. There’s a whole lot of truth to be found behind each lyric. This sense of truth underscores the comic elements of the piece, making Nailed it! not simply a comic work, but a celebration of the intense/insane things people do who are in love, falling out of love or realising their innate solitude.

Accompanied by Robyn Womersley, the wonderfully skilled and comic pianist, Andrew Strano has a wonderfully affective voice. Powerful not just because of the technical skill, but because of an understanding of the content and meaning behind the pieces. He hits the right emotional chords during each of these quirky, slightly embarrassing (for humanity) and always sincere songs.

Strano’s comic performance is also to be commended, developing a friendly and comfortable report with the audience. There’s certainly an honesty to his performance that makes it endearing and sets is up for miniature catharses throughout the night.

It is an illuminating and elating work written by two great comic and musical minds who are certain to attain great heights and popularity. The only thing sad about it is its short run at the The Butterfly Club.

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