…Miskien – edgy and original

Gideon Lombard and Albert Pertorius. Image by Mike Sole

It’s great to see PICA continuing to present edgy and original productions,  and ….Miskien is no exception. I left the theatre requiring time to digest the many emotions and themes presented in this sixty minute play.

Miskien is a play with two characters whose lives have become a bore; Cormac who lives with his often absent and forgetful girl friend and Layton who lives alone in a home with Ikea furnishings. Both look forward to 5 o’clock happy hour when they can drink, smoke and solve the world’s problems, without sharing any real emotions or feelings (as only men can.) This production captures the male psyche and communicates to men around the world.

Gideon Lomard portrays Cormac with both humour and pathos. Cormac’s facial expressions as he looks up porn on his work computer make for some of the amusing moments.

Albert Pretorious’ character, Layton, is frustrated and lonely, despite his fanciful boasts that he beds so many women he doesn’t even bother to remember their names. These two are best friends and their onstage chemistry is convincing.

What happens when the affection you feel for a friend is not returned. Do you hide your feelings in order to spend more time with them? Is it possible to love a best friend and have that love returned?  ….Miskien (maybe, perhaps)

At times funny, sad and shocking, Miskien may not move you to tears, but it will provoke emotion, thought and discussion; just as good theatre should do.









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