Midsumma: Finucane & Smith’s Caravan Burlesque

The hardest shows to review are often the ones that stand head and shoulder above the rest. I mean what do I say about Finucane & Smith’s Caravan Burlesque? It’s high energy, clever and uproariously funny, showcasing the ever-consummate Finucane and a bunch of bawdy cohorts who are every bit as talented. Can I go home now? Okay, if I must go on …

Finucane & Smith’s Caravan Burlesque
Finucane & Smith’s Caravan Burlesque

Finucane & Smith’s Caravan Burlesque follows in the same vein as their previous productions, featuring vignettes by a number of burlesque acts and performers. What I enjoy about their productions is that, while they have plenty of artistic merit, Finucane and Smith never forget to entertain their audience.

I’ve seen Finucane’s acts a few times before, but I never tire of them. Intricately nuanced and absurd, I find a new appreciation for her theatrical abilities every time and marvel at how she animates a simple idea to the rapture of her audience.

Maude Davey is the affable showgirl punctuating this show with both nostalgia and many laugh-out-loud moments. I admire how Davey can portray a character with such finesse one moment and then transform into the lovable larrikin the next. (I’m only sorry I didn’t get to eat any of her strawberries!)

A lovely addition to this production is cabaret artist and crooner Kamahi Djordon King. It’s something quite special to hear a song sung in his native tongue with his silky tones and easy breezy presence. His performances in this show act as a complimentary juxtaposition to other upbeat acts.

And there’s so much more to Finucane & Smith’s Caravan Burlesque: Paul Cordeiro, Lilikoi Kaos, Holly Durant and Anna Lumb who will dance, dazzle, sing and hoola hoop their way into your hearts.

For newcomers and hardened addicts of burlesque, alike, don’t miss this show. Any show that crescendos in an all-out disco with the entire audience dancing – including my boyfriend who NEVER dances – has to be worth its weight in gold … or $38.

Karla Dondio

Karla Dondio is a Melbourne based freelance writer who has been reviewing theatre, comedy, cabaret and other live assortments for five years now.

Karla Dondio

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