MICF: The Travelling Medicine Show

Porcelain Punch’s The Travelling Medicine Show aims to recreate the times when cure-alls were spruiked from wagons with acts of physical prowess serving as testimonials to the value of the punch.

Miss Ellie Mae Rose (Madeline Hudson) in The Travelling Medicine Show

The show is hosted by Professor Lenard Grad (Luke O’Connor) and multi-instrumentalist Miss Ellie Mae Rose (Madeline Hudson) who introduce a range of vaudevillian acts by punch advocates. These include juggling by The Great Boy Wonder (Alex Gellmann), feats of strength by a runt transformed into Little Timmie  Strongman (Christy Flaws) and some feats of simulated dexterity by Molly Minks (Emilie Johnston).

Like the advertising for the punch, the show might have oversold how amazing the acts are; however, the music’s good, the costumes are great and you can buy a bottle of the punch or CD to take away after the performance. The Travelling Medicine Show is a quaint step back in time that provides a tonic for one’s vitreous humours.

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