Melbourne Fringe: RAWWR!

Melbourne Fringe has only just kicked off and already I think I have a new favourite cabaret artist.

Cougar Morrison, RAWWR! Melbourne Fringe
Cougar Morrison, RAWWR! Melbourne Fringe

Flanked by some very muscly dancers in some very big hats, Cougar Morrison is a vision of old world Parisian cabaret, by way of Bowie – a deliciously fierce pixie, dripping in velvet and jewels.

With an astounding vocal quality that sounds like Edith Piaf and Joanie Mitchell got together and created some sort of beautiful voice-baby, Cougar deftly commands a diverse range of thoughtfully selected and creatively arranged tunes, accompanied by some tight choreography that utterly defies the tiny space.

With a wry wit and one heck of a vocal wobble, Cougar lays himself bare and celebrates the profound beauty of imperfection.

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