Melbourne Cabaret Festival: I See Me & Meryl Streep

In many ways, I See Me & Meryl Streep is a wonderful homage to the actor Meryl Streep. But what makes this show interesting is the way Alexandra Keddie, writer and performer, weaves the aspirations of her character throughout the narrative.

Alexandra Keddie
Alexandra Keddie. Photo by Ashlie Dondio

Meryl (just like her idol) is a 17-year-old girl who wants to be a great actor. Her sense of displacement in the world is remedied by reflecting on Streep’s extraordinary achievements and by drawing inspiration from such. Meryl showcases her story in a mélange of song, narrative and famous monologues, and is helped along by her brother “Sting” (love it!) on piano.

As a writer, Keddie has created a cabaret show that is punchy and laugh out loud funny. The script’s rapid pace means that you’re often still riding the last laugh when the next one arrives, which makes the show wholly entertaining. It’s also cleverly nuanced in that it can shift seamlessly from droll to poignant.

As a performer, Keddie is an affable presence on stage and genuinely appears to be enjoying herself. With a strong singing voice and a knack for physical humour, she drives the script along effortlessly.

The standout is Keddie’s sublime mimic of Streep. It’s a tough gig taking on one of the greatest female actors in the world but Keddie does an impressive job. Drawing on her background as an actor, she demonstrates her acumen for voice by capturing the drawl of Streep’s real life voice as well as the colourful lilts of her many film characters.

I See Me & Meryl Streep is a real delight so make sure you catch Keddie next time round.

Karla Dondio

Karla Dondio is a Melbourne based freelance writer who has been reviewing theatre, comedy, cabaret and other live assortments for five years now.

Karla Dondio

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